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Oh Omar

In a way I guess we are all a bit of exhibitionist way.  Lets face it we want to show what we got.


A special thanks to Omar for supplying the stock photos to work from.  Also don’t get to pervish on me people he is more than legal age.  Just because they look young its all part of the illusion and fantasy of art. 😉

Also in my last post I said I would be cutting down on posting in the shopping cart I guess I was lying.  You can always count on me doing the opposite of what I say.  But I still despise Facebook, not the people but basically how it operates and a bear to fuck with.

Enjoy and sorry about the cloak dagger shit but now days we all need be on are toes, “SAD”


Shane Street

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Back Online is back! Had to do some behind the scenes editing and now it is fully functional once again. If you have subscribe to the Blog via Email then you are going to need a new Ass-Code to get in on all the goodies. Please contact me Via e-mail or Facebook to get the Ass-Code.

Majority of the blog post here after will need a pass code to access them. So you know its going to be some good stuff cumming down the path. 😉